Daily blurbs Jun. 2023


daily blurbs

25 Jun 2023 (Sun)

20:44:25 # Life update-info. Something is corrupting my /usr/share/info/dir entry. I've found mutt-alias.info.gz and muttrc-mode.info.gz seems to cause the problematic entries. They seem to declare iso-8859-1 and that seems to cause some kind of corruption. Then I found there's a bug 1024997 and then it was fixed in experimental. So this fix didn't get in to bookworm.

16 Jun 2023 (Fri)

22:14:10 # Life Upgraded my main machines to bookworm. Things look relatively eventless. Nice. Emacs is noisy. why is native-comp-async-report-warnings-errors t?

1 Jun 2023 (Thu)

11:23:10 # Life Already June.

Junichi Uekawa