Daily blurbs Dec. 2022


daily blurbs

28 Dec 2022 (Wed)

15:24:35 # Life ITP crosvm. I wanted to package the virtual machine monitor thing that I've been working on for my day job. ITP bug 1026126. Lurked around in debian-rust for a few days and poked around different git repositories. Looked at cargo debstatus and it seems like there's some missing dependencies. remain is the most prolific in the code base. There's argh which seems to be not packaged yet in Debian. enumn and document-features seems to be also not available. For others, there's versioned dependency that is not satisfied but will need to check if that is necessary or old.

   2185 remain v0.2.3
    438 uuid v0.8.2
    195 heck v0.3.3
    195 argh_derive v0.1.8
    195 argh v0.1.8
     80 memoffset v0.5.6
     80 intrusive-collections v0.9.4
     25 enumn v0.1.4
      1 terminal_size v0.1.17
      1 document-features v0.2.6

2 Dec 2022 (Fri)

19:13:56 # Life Already December. Things changed a lot. Six months ago I was at home most of the time. I hope I can keep on going out for a while.

Junichi Uekawa