Daily blurbs Jan. 2021


daily blurbs

17 Jan 2021 (Sun)

10:39:44 # Life Yesterday was our monthly Debian meeting. We do one every month for Tokyo and Kansai combined, because it's online and no reason to split for now. I presented what I learnt about nodejs packaging in Debian. This time, I started using Emacs for presentation, presenting PDF file. This week I switched most of my login shells to emacsclient, and experimenting. It's interesting how much things break, and how much I depended on .bashrc and .profile being loaded. But most things work and I don't need most things outside of emacs...

16 Jan 2021 (Sat)

09:22:29 # Life It's been 20 years since I became a Debian Developer. Lots of fun things happened, and I think fondly of the team. I am no longer active for the past 10 years due to family reasons, and it's surprising that I have been inactive for that long. I still use Debian, and I still participate in the local Debian meetings.

1 Jan 2021 (Fri)

09:32:19 # Life A happy new year. It was a challenging year last year; hopefully the new one will be less of a stay-home.

Junichi Uekawa