Daily blurbs Jul. 2017


daily blurbs

22 Jul 2017 (Sat)

17:02:04 # Life asterisk fails to start on my raspberry pi. I don't quite understand what the error message is but systemctl tells me there was a timeout. Don't know which timeout it hits.

15 Jul 2017 (Sat)

21:18:51 # Life revisiting libjson-spirit. I tried compiling a program that uses libjson-spirit and noticed that it still is broken. New programs compiled against the header does not link with the provided static library. Trying to rebuild it fixes it, but it uses compat version 8, and that needs to be fixed (trivially). hmm... actually code doesn't build anymore and there's multiple new upstream versions. ... and then I noticed that it was a stale copy already removed from Debian repository. What's a good C++ json implementation these days?

2 Jul 2017 (Sun)

10:28:11 # Life PLC network connection seems to be less reliable. Maybe it's too hot. Reconnecting it seems to make it better. Hmmm..

Junichi Uekawa