Daily blurbs Oct. 2008


daily blurbs

14 Oct 2008 (Tue)

21:17:38 # Life flymake and read-only directories. I have (add-hook 'find-file-hook 'flymake-find-file-hook) in my .emacs, but that makes flymake enabled for every file it can support. That is annoying when it tries to start flymake and write to a read-only directory, and fail every time. I added a (not buffer-read-only) check to flymake-find-file-hook, and I feel more comfortable now. Sent to BTS.

(defun flymake-find-file-hook ()
  (when (and (not (local-variable-p 'flymake-mode (current-buffer)))
	     (flymake-can-syntax-check-file buffer-file-name)
	     (not buffer-read-only))
    (flymake-log 3 "automatically turned ON flymake mode")))

22:35:21 # Life I wonder if lintian can be used for flymake. I would like to have some more on-the-fly checking capability of debian/ dirs. lintian is a good candidate, but I don't know of a good way to run lintian on a source directory. I posted a mail in debian-lint-maint mailing list, hoping someone will note.

4 Oct 2008 (Sat)

12:41:13 # Life My first lsyncd session. After having played with the non-running source code for a few days, I've finally decided to run the code and see how to works. Time to debug. Strange, after rebuilding and reinstalling, things have fixed itself. Maybe a transient error with broken files.

$ lsyncd --no-daemon . /tmp/a
Sat Oct  4 12:39:45 2008: syncing /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0 -> /tmp/a

Sat Oct  4 12:39:45 2008: Starting up
Sat Oct  4 12:39:45 2008: watching /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0
Sat Oct  4 12:39:45 2008: --- Entering normal operation with [176] monitored directories ---
Sat Oct  4 12:40:00 2008: CREATE of packed-refs.lock in /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0/.git/ --> /tmp/a/.git/
Sat Oct  4 12:40:00 2008: CLOSE_WRITE of packed-refs.lock in /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0/.git/ --> /tmp/a/.git/
Sat Oct  4 12:40:00 2008: MOVED_FROM of packed-refs.lock in /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0/.git/ --> /tmp/a/.git/
Sat Oct  4 12:40:00 2008: MOVED_TO of packed-refs in /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0/.git/ --> /tmp/a/.git/
Sat Oct  4 12:40:00 2008: CREATE of upstream.lock in /home/dancer/DEBIAN/tmp/lsyncd/lsyncd-1.0/.git/refs/remotes/origin/ --> /tmp/a/.git/refs/remotes/origin/
rsync: mkdir "/tmp/a/.git/refs/remotes/origin" failed: No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(594) [receiver=3.0.4]
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (9 bytes received so far) [sender]
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(632) [sender=3.0.4]
Sat Oct  4 12:40:01 2008: ERROR :Forked rsync process returned non-zero return code: 12

I noticed that mkdir /tmp/d/; rsync -avr $(readlink -f .) /tmp/d/ will copy from . to /tmp/d/lsync-1.0/. I was assuming that it is copied to /tmp/d/. Oh no.

rsync -avr lsyncd-1.0/ /tmp/lsyncd-1.0/ and rsync -avr lsyncd-1.0 /tmp/lsyncd-1.0/ have different outputs. I want the final slash.

23:42:16 # Life Maintaining binfmtc. I've revisited the binfmtc package. g77 is gone, gfortran is now the way to go, kernel module building has somewhat changed a little. The rest seems to be working fine. How to build and run source-code hasn't changed that much in the last year which is not a bad thing.

1 Oct 2008 (Wed)

20:54:40 # Life annoying long-standing bug with apt-listbugs and debbugs. 484789 is one of the longer-standing bug. soap4r doesn't like invalid data stream, it throws an exception and refuses to parse the message. debbugs server side, it seems like it's not fixed. So, everytime texlive is upgraded, I get an error. And no, 2007-14 isn't year-month. It's the version number.

Junichi Uekawa

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