Daily blurbs Feb. 2008


daily blurbs

14 Feb 2008 (Thu)

09:11:25 # Life apt-build-mirror. I was discussing this idea with Iwamatsu for the last few days, and I'm coming up with a prototype. Another one of these joke projects, but a fun one.

12 Feb 2008 (Tue)

05:56:28 # Life Nintendo DS is nommu. So I'm looking for some ways of getting ARM nommu binaries for Debian. So far, not good.

I'm reading up on resources on uclibc. such as this Notes page. Without fork(), I wonder how things will go.

3 Feb 2008 (Sun)

09:51:14 # Life git new release deprecates git-xxx. I learned that git 1.5.4 now deprecates the 'git-xxx' format of commands and recommends people to switch over to 'git xxx'. Due to the confusion with GNU Interactive Tools, as a Debian user I avoided the 'git xxx' format and all my scripts are written in 'git-xxx'. In fact, all the manpages are in the 'git-xxx' format as of (the previous release done in December). So... erm... yeah.

1 Feb 2008 (Fri)

09:01:45 # Life I bought Nintendo DS. I booted Linux on it. It's an ARM machine, which apparently doesn't have an MMU and has only about 32Mbits of memory. I'd probably have a tough time with it. I have not yet told my girlfriend that I bought Nintendo DS for this purpose; I'm (still) pretending I wanted to play Mario Cart.

Junichi Uekawa

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