Daily blurbs May. 2007


daily blurbs

27 May 2007 (Sun)

10:34:08 # Life emdebian pbuilder. I like the idea and the concept.

19 May 2007 (Sat)

09:45:44 # Life grub2 install on MacBook try 2. It was actually very easy. First update-grub call didn't create grub.cfg. One catch is that it creates files in '/' of EFI partition, which is against the standard. It went as far as showing a menu of kernels, and then errored out with 'error: unknown filesystem'.

# mount /dev/sda1 /boot/grub/
# update-grub
# update-grub

17 May 2007 (Thu)

08:08:57 # Life testing grub2 on MacBook. grub2-1.95+20070515 should now work, so I tried. It wasn't built for i386 yet, and I had to build it locally. I installed grub-efi, and did the following. I seem to be able to chain-load grub2 from refit. That's one start. grub2 entered rescue mode. In reality, I doubt people will want to chain-load grub2 from rEFIt, so other methods of invoking grub2 is required. I know I can 'bless' from MacOSX, but is there other ways to do that? I think I am missing a few steps here, I'll need to re-check later.

# dpkg -i ../grub-efi_1.95+20070515-1_i386.deb
# grub-probe -t partmap /boot/grub/
# grub-probe -t fs /boot/grub/
$ grub-mkimage -o grub2.efi gpt ext2
# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/efi
# cp grub2.efi /mnt/efi/efi/grub2.efi

9 May 2007 (Wed)

21:13:02 # Life Hypothesis about number of Debian installations, from apt-listbugs logs. I've analysed merkel.debian.org access logs. Since etch was released, 30000 unique IPs were used to access merkel.debian.org using apt-listbugs. According to popcon, 3% of all Debian installations install apt-listbugs. Let me add three simplifications to the equation to obtain an estimated number of Debian-installed systems.
(A) popcon models Debian user installation behavior reasonably well. (Decision to install apt-listbugs and popcon (which both happen to be applications requiring network connection and leak information about what packages are installed on your system) are independent. And assuming that the number of popcon submissions considered: 48641)
(B) A unique IP represents a single system (Even though DHCP may change IP address over a month's period, NAT may share IP addresses, and ignore everybody who's working offline).
(C) All Debian installations are using Debian etch, lenny, or sid (no old distributions).
I can estimate given these three conditions that there are 1,000,000 Debian users worldwide. Does this number sound a too big or too small an estimate to you? UPDATE: since it looks like this topic is very interesting, and I'm receiving a lot of comments, I've reposted the contents to debian-devel, so that it's much easier to discuss. Lemmesee.

Thanks to Gustavo Franco, I muddled up quite a few concepts. There are three different kinds of numbers that is probably relevant, and only the 'number of systems' can be estimated from the given set of information (if at all.).

There are other references that can be used.

6 May 2007 (Sun)

01:07:58 # Life pbuilder paper. I've submitted paper for debconf7, jotting down the status quo for pbuilder. I hope it wasn't too late.

Junichi Uekawa

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