Daily blurbs Mar. 2007


daily blurbs

27 Mar 2007 (Tue)

08:02:54 # Debian bugs soap server moves to rietz. apt-listbugs used to query an external (to Debian) server for debbugs SOAP request, but that server is now offline. bugs.debian.org is now serving SOAP requests directly.

23 Mar 2007 (Fri)

08:02:12 # Life Playing with your CPUID instruction. Using realcsh, it's pretty simple to find out cpuid instruction is going to give you. For example, when EAX=0, cpuid returns you some kind of vendor id. On my system, it gave me 68747541 444d4163 69746e65, which obviously is 'AuthenticAMD'.

REAL csh: int a,b,c,d; asm ("cpuid" : "=a"(a), "=b"(b), "=c"(c), "=d"(d) : "a"(0) ); printf("%x %x %x %x\n", a, b, c, d);
1 68747541 444d4163 69746e65

18 Mar 2007 (Sun)

14:51:09 # Life Open Source Conference Tokyo-Spring. Tokyo-area Debian Meeting and V-Tomo (Virtualization tomo-no-kai) did a joint 2-hour session. 80 people visited.

We also had a booth and did a mini-seminar.

8 Mar 2007 (Thu)

09:26:36 # Life cowdancer bug 413912. It was a bit tough. The question is about 'what file descriptor is safe to use for cowdancer?'. cowdancer is a preloaded library, and will be loaded with all applications under cowdancer control. The answer to this question will depend on the application behavior. The obviously wrong fds to use are 0, 1, and 2 which are standard input/output file descriptors, and people assume many things about them, and that was why 'screen' ./configure script failed to function within cowdancer. Using file descriptor 3 might feel safe, but applications are free to assume 3 is usable and issue, dup2 or close instructions on it. Hmmm...

3 Mar 2007 (Sat)

19:08:22 # Life Meeting with virtualization guys. I'm planning virtualization talk for the next Debian meeting at Open Source Conference. I'll be discussing KVM, which makes open source virutalization a commodity to the masses.

21:13:41 # Life XML meeting log. I've had an inspiration to make my meeting logs in XML, and generate PDF meeting logs from the XML document. PDF documents look professional, but for my personal taste I like plain text meeting logs for easier quoting and commenting. Well, a quick hack, I don't know if it was worth it. Let me see.

Junichi Uekawa

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