Daily blurbs Nov. 2006


daily blurbs

22 Nov 2006 (Wed)

06:59:51 # Life Tokyo Debian Meeting meets Kansai. On 19th Nov, we had a Debian meeting in Osaka. approx. 20 people attended. It was hosted by Osaka Electro-Communication University. Details follow:

19 Nov 2006 (Sun)

13:27:22 # Life Debian BOF at Kansai Open Source. Yesterday we had a BOF at Kansai Open Source. Around 30 people in the Kansai region gathered to meet. From Tokyo, Iwamatsu, Yamane, and I went there to represent Debian JP.

15 Nov 2006 (Wed)

06:56:50 # Life Server moves. Netfort.gr.jp is going to be relocated. Mail / Web may experience a bit of downtime.

1 Nov 2006 (Wed)

01:03:09 # Life pbuilder maintenance. It has long been that I'm the sole maintainer. lool has been active lately, which is a very nice change. My time is mostly used up by apt-listbugs maintenance these days.

Junichi Uekawa

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