Daily blurbs Jun. 2006


daily blurbs

14 Jun 2006 (Wed)

21:13:32 # Life CodeFest 2006 in Akihabara. In two weeks, there will again be a codefest in Akihabara, Tokyo. I'll hopefully be attending the event. Last year, I fixed quite a few bugs on pbuilder, which kind of speeded up pbuilder development and heated up the momentum for cowdancer. This year, I will hopefully have some MacBook debian-installer, emacs-muse Japanese PDF support, and LVM-snapshot support for pbuilder. Maybe.

8 Jun 2006 (Thu)

08:47:10 # Life To those who care about build-dependency being satisfied in clean target. pbuilder already does some reasonable work with pdebuild --use-pdebuild-internal, which is not default (it's still lacking some features). If pbuilder starts unconditionally checking for build-dependencies outside of chroot for building source packages, that's bad news, because you need to have all the dependencies installed outside of chroot. You either have them installed because you have done debuild before, or haven't since you can't build it outside of chroot (running stable Debian release, maybe). So it's a bad idea either way to let pdebuild satisfy build dependencies outside of chroot. pdebuild --use-pdebuild-internal solves that problem by building the source package inside the chroot.

09:17:39 # Life dpkg-architecture extensions. -i and -e are apparently added very recently. Hmm..

7 Jun 2006 (Wed)

08:27:17 # Life Category for DebianJP. I've recently started using wiki.debian.org for taking down notes and tracking progress with Debian JP tasks, since there is currently no wiki server for Debian JP, and some tasks really need tracking and public review. To track what pages are created for this, I've created a category for Debian JP.

1 Jun 2006 (Thu)

07:49:49 # Life nmudiff and debdiff. It might be nice to hack around something for emacs for nmudiff. I don't use mutt.

Junichi Uekawa

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