Daily blurbs Feb. 2006


daily blurbs

23 Feb 2006 (Thu)

00:45:17 # Life Translated resource for Tokyo-area Debian meeting. I've decided that it's sometimes better to translate some of the resources for the meeting into English for a change. This month's meeting was about multimedia, and what I'm currently trying to do. I demoed most of the presentation, so the presentation was actually redundant. But it's available here.

19 Feb 2006 (Sun)

17:24:43 # Life This month's Tokyo area Debian Monthly Meeting. I had a session about Linux Audio-multimedia kind of thing. I brought my USB keyboard (which was rather large) and did some presentation. My presentation (PDF) is available online.

16 Feb 2006 (Thu)

22:16:20 # Life A USB keyboard to improve my development life. I've bought a USB keyboard today. The one with 88 keys. It's called M-audio keystation 88es, full-sized lightly-weighted keys. Auto-detected with ALSA usb-audio driver, and *it just worked*. Nice.

11 Feb 2006 (Sat)

11:27:38 # Life Debian multimedia policy to start up. I've scrapped together a 'what a Debian multimedia policy should look like' page. Waiting for comments. Wiki is a nice infrastructure, better than flooding on IRC.

7 Feb 2006 (Tue)

21:27:50 # Life opreport hacking. In one of my past-times, I'm playing with the idea of making multiple output formats (including tex, for my reports) for opreport. To my surprise, eclipse-oprofile already had a opxml program which outputs XML data using libpp (oprofile shared library). I haven't gotten around to what it actually does, but it might be interesting.

5 Feb 2006 (Sun)

23:03:45 # Life Re-checking that dvipdfmx mess. I've motivated myself to check how it is possible to make dvipdfmx working from a clean environment. It's pretty hard, really. It's not written anywhere in the dependency, but to create a Japanese PDF file from DVI file, ptex-base, cmap-adobe-japan1, and gs-esp are required. After installing these three, I can get a basic document build inside chroot.

4 Feb 2006 (Sat)

12:04:17 # Life Tried to debug fmit. As part of the on-going project to get some useful DeMuDi-Debian repository merge, I tried running fmit on powerpc. It didn't work. It dies with segfaults and error messages on 'free'. It doesn't work on amd64 either. If it works on other platforms, is it a platform specific bug?

1 Feb 2006 (Wed)

07:14:38 # Life Changed blog style. I've changed dancer-diary.el to output link to daily page rather than monthly page. This change has been pending a year. Please let me know what you think.

Junichi Uekawa

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