Daily blurbs May. 2005


daily blurbs

29 May 2005 (Sun)

13:14:47 # Life I stumbled over a feature in bash while tracking a bug in d-shlibs, of not noticing an error status. VALUE=$(objdump -p $1 | sed -n 's/.*NEEDED: //p') will not error out if the objdump fails, because it's a pipe, and pipe exit code is the result of the last command. VALUE=$(set -o pipefail; objdump -p $1 | sed -n 's/.*NEEDED: //p') will error out if the objdump fails; which is a bash extention.

There is a PIPESTATUS array, which I used to know it did exist but never really used. That also seems to be useful in some other scene.

Thanks to trave11er, daniels, and Overfiend from IRC.

23 May 2005 (Mon)

07:34:36 # Life I've created a Debian package for binfmtc, you can find it in the link below. It is linked from the page here.

22 May 2005 (Sun)

09:39:13 # Life Yesterday was 4th Tokyo-area Debian Study meeting. We discussed dpkg-cross, and architecture support in general. I didn't know dpkg-cross was a tool to create a development package required for cross-compilation, not a tool to invoke cross-compilation. Anyway, one discovers something new every day.

19 May 2005 (Thu)

08:45:33 # Life One of the things I've done over in my holiday was to create a prototype for package testing framework within pbuilder; pbuilder is apparently already widely used for preparing package for upload, and considering that people aren't too bothered with the extra time that a clean chroot takes. I've now script to install-remove-upgrade-purge and try running scripts within the chroot with the built package installed. It might be not the perfect solution, but it should start the ball rolling. If you are interested, it's the B91dpkg-i and B92test-pkg script in examples directory.

17 May 2005 (Tue)

08:17:14 # Life Note on the status of soundtracker package. ALSA and Jack is currently disabled. Michael Krause has posted a fix for ALSA problem, which used to cause instant segfault, so it should be trivial to reintroduce ALSA support to Soundtracker Debian package. However, jack support probably needs more update.

16 May 2005 (Mon)

04:41:04 # Life I'm now in a state where I probably need to recreate my gpg key. How distressing.

12 May 2005 (Thu)

05:57:53 # Today's hack This is the script that I've created for gimp. Pretty simple modification, greatly improved my gimp-life since it has fixed a repetitive action and a bottleneck in my picture processing. The action of saving the selection with downscaling, for smalle size is essential. I'm not sure if everyone does the gamma-correction on the fly as well, but this is as much as I could automate.

09:13:43 # Life I noticed that doc++ has been problematic again. The upstream apparently isn't really interested in the code, and maybe it is about time I start looking into the code. I've previously read over the code to get it internationalized better; and I kind of have a grasp over what it does, and I am extensively using it for every documentation I do. I would like to extend it to emit manual pages as well. I think it would be a nice alternative project for doxygen.

11 May 2005 (Wed)

19:13:38 # Today's hack My recent hacks.

7 May 2005 (Sat)

06:25:48 # Life Hacked wysidocbookxml to use temporary files instead.

3 May 2005 (Tue)

07:19:17 # Today's hack I've hacked up a way to run C source programs directly through binfmt_misc. It's just a hook to run gcc and run the script on the fly; but it's cool.

$ ./print.c 1 2
argc: 3
argv[0]: ./print.c
argv[1]: 1
argv[2]: 2
$ cat print.c 
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char** argv)
  int i ;

  printf("argc: %i\n", argc);
  for(i=0; i<argc; ++i)
      printf("argv[%i]: %s\n", i, argv[i]);
  return 0;

1 May 2005 (Sun)

05:56:15 # Life A new month comes, it's nice to see something changing.

Junichi Uekawa

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