Daily blurbs Jan. 2005


daily blurbs

28 Jan 2005 (Fri)

02:17:23 # Life I've been rebooting every time I wanted to run iTunes, but I noticed that I could just mount the filesystem, and play m4a files with xine. something like mount -t hfsplus -o ro /dev/hda5 /var/tmp/imac worked; and I just had to find the files under Users/dancer/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music and feed it to xine. Pretty simple, really.

However, hfsplus filesystem doesn't seem to be honoring uid/gid mount -t hfsplus -o ro,uid=1000,gid=1000 /dev/hda5 /var/tmp/imac/ , it seems to be parsing the value, but not using.

27 Jan 2005 (Thu)

02:48:02 # Life Since I could no longer bear the location of the iBook alt key, I reassigned the apple key as the alt key. When I tried it about 4 months back, I couldn't get it to quite work, but now I managed to do it pretty cleanly. I added the following line:

	  xmodmap -e "keycode 115 = Alt_L"

24 Jan 2005 (Mon)

08:36:27 # Life Thanks to those who responded to my LVM entry. Andrew Pollock and Jeff Licquia commented that it's something known to work and is possible.

22 Jan 2005 (Sat)

23:11:09 # Life I am wondering how LVM is going to work in Debian, and rootability of lvm2, because Eto was wondering in debian-user@jp mailing list about how to do it. It should be possible to use initrd, but I'm not quite sure if it's been done.

lvm2 package seems to have lvm2create_initrd script.

10 Jan 2005 (Mon)

09:46:26 # Debian I've read '25 unlikely things that happened in the year 2005'. edd gave a pointer to something that's completely unrelated to Debian, so I'll try to think up of a list for Debian, from my perspective, a wishlist. Let me revisit this list on 31 Dec 2005.

It's not even 25...

9 Jan 2005 (Sun)

13:36:30 # Debian 0th Tokyo Debian meeting(in Japanese) was held, and finished. Full of disucssions and excitements, and partying until morning after that. I guess it was an event that many expected but didn't exist. A place to talk openly about Debian is good to have. We tend to have many LUGs for all-kinds of Linux distributions in Japan, but lack the distribution-specific meeting for Debian.

6 Jan 2005 (Thu)

07:12:19 # Life I'm planning of doing a monthly meeting locally in Tokyo about Debian, and this weekend is the first one. Hopefully it will be an interesting event to see those people who are interested in Debian, and trying to meet.

4 Jan 2005 (Tue)

09:43:42 # Life Been researching about DVD writing situation within Debian. There seems to be OSS DVD Project that is trying to do cdrecord without the limitations, probably just like what dvdrecord was trying to do.

I was mainly looking for if ATAPI support was implemented on every application that supports DVD writing, and if I can ditch ide-scsi emulation. Apparently dvdrecord has been patched as 0.1.5-3 with ATAPI backports from cdrtools.

growisofs from dvd+rw-tools apparently works with something like -Z /dev/hda=image.iso which suggests that it works with ATAPI drives. Hmm.

Maybe I can really ditch ide-scsi.

11:43:51 # web maintenance I've started generating daily page, possibly to match rss feeds. I've been generating them for a long time, but anyway.

12:50:35 # Life I've hacked up wysihtml, pbuilder and update-cluster against LDP xsl stylesheet changes. It has changed path, dramatically.

Junichi Uekawa

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