Daily blurbs Dec. 2004


daily blurbs

15 Dec 2004 (Wed)

08:24:44 # Life A few Debian Developers will be meeting up in Osaka, Japan on 1 Jan. It is a very inconvenient day to be walking out in Japan, since it's a very national holiday that no normal shops would be open. Let's see if I can manage to sneak in to a restaurant ...

12 Dec 2004 (Sun)

11:20:44 # Life I drank a lot last night. There was a Christmas Party held in Omote-sando, and I enjoyed the partying.

5 Dec 2004 (Sun)

12:25:48 # Today's hack RSS generation is now fixed. I have now fixed dancer-diary.el RSS generation code so that it will look better when viewed from some RSS viewers.

3 Dec 2004 (Fri)

08:59:20 # Life updating dsh. It wasn't anything related to Debian, but I fixed it anyway. dsh didn't compile on solaris.

1 Dec 2004 (Wed)

07:54:49 # Life Apparently dsh no longer builds on solaris, for around 1 year.

Junichi Uekawa

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