Daily blurbs Jan. 2004


daily blurbs

28 Jan 2004

07:14:22 # Life With respect for i386-Package, jackit dependencies are now uploaded. There are several build failures possibly caused by qt; saying 'libqt3-mt-dev cannot be installed', and some other weird build failures on other arches, which is probably specific to the architecture.

Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
  libqt3-mt-dev: Depends: xlibs-dev (>= 4.2.1) but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libmng-dev (>= 1.0.3) but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libqt3c102-mt (= 3:3.2.3-1) but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libqt3-headers (= 3:3.2.3-1) but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: qt3-dev-tools (= 3:3.2.3-1) but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: xlibmesa-gl-dev but it is not going to be installed or
                 Depends: xlibmesa-glu-dev but it is not going to be installed or
                          libglu1-mesa-dev but it is not going to be installed or
                 Depends: libxft-dev but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libxrender-dev but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libxcursor-dev but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libaudio-dev but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: xlibs-pic but it is not going to be installed
E: Sorry, broken packages

07:30:50 # Life I've implemented some kind of routine for getting pbuilder build logs. It is automatically converted to tar.bz2 and reinvokes another pbuilder run. It should be semi-automatic except for the fact that the build logs need to be periodically cleaned in order to save up space. Full build log for Debian GNU/Linux is currently about 41MB Bzipped.

21:16:37 # Life This week's pbuilder log. Here (http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/software/failed-log/20040127221410.tar.bz2) is a 44MB bzipped log for this week's pbuilder run. Feel free to download.

27 Jan 2004

07:42:45 # Life The connection to auric was very slow last night. I wonder what it was, but package upload went very smoothly this morning. The lesson here: do not try to combat networking problems; get sleep.

07:49:18 # Life pbuilder run is running at around 7600 packages right now; it's going to finish tomorrow morning despite my expectations that it might finish this morning. The second run has caught about 300 build failures.

08:35:04 # Life Jack dependency chain is getting well, apparently. Communication is not going too well, but I've posted an update to debian-multimedia about the status of the packages. I'll need to get other packages and build failures fixed, I guess. About 5 more packages to NMU in the jack dependency chain, maybe I'll look into it to see if it's really worth NMUing. I've tried to schedule, and communicate the post-jack-upload so that the unstable-testing transition is most smooth. There are package maintainers who prioritize their own package; I wish for a more Debian-developer oritented approach; we develop Debian as a whole, not a tiny bit of package; no, really.

26 Jan 2004

08:16:51 # Life pbuilder second run is apparently going well, it's done about 6000 packages in a week. That means, it's working with an approx. 8-day course.

21 Jan 2004

07:31:47 # Life I've updated the release schedule for jackd-to-testing migration plan. Hopefully that's going to be interesting. I noticed that m68k port list is debian-68k, not debian-m68k, after sending the mail. Damn.

20 Jan 2004

09:08:40 # Life pbuilder run is close to finishing. Some stale package building process are hanging it up. xsltproc seems to be looping indefinitely on building configlet documentation. I'm not really sure of the cause. It could be the xslt, it could be xsltproc.

09:14:59 # Life pbuilder run finished. Ganneff is going to implement a web-page frontend for pbuilder failed logs. Hopefully something with maintainer-based search and package-based search. Any comments on how ?

21:54:09 # Life notes on the procedure used after pbuilder run is finished. cp -la the whole directory to a backup place, tar it up to an archive. find -name *.log | xargs rm to remove all logs and re-run build. I'm considering building a CVS repository of build logs. I don't know how comfortable that would be.

22:05:36 # Life I've started keeping track of what's happening with my reports on build-failures. I usually lose track of what I've seen, and feel deja-vus. It's probably going to be easier this way.

19 Jan 2004

08:35:41 # Life Hacked a bit on pbuilder. Adding --debbuildopts passing pdebuild, so that options like -I.svn can be passed on to pdebuild, and getting the install-test to time-out if something is dead. I was a bit ill all day yesterday, I'm not feeling quite fully recovered, but life goes on.

17 Jan 2004

09:58:18 # Life co-maintainer of jack has uploaded a new package earlier than I expected, while NTT/IIJ was having a network problem thus leaving me off mail reading. But that sometimes happens. I've planned a timeline, and probably a list of goals would be good. Since the upload of new jack was premature in that it didn't take in consideration kdemultimedia and ecasound2.2 (at least), which were waiting mostly for jack. In my opinion, making verbose of what the current problems are in the mailing lists is a plus.

16 Jan 2004

23:26:39 # Life pbuilder run is going to finish probably about tomorrow. I wonder what to do with the result. It's probably found about 300 build failures out of 7000 source packages. I don't know if all can be fixed.

15 Jan 2004

22:28:16 # Life jack finally entered testing, and new jack can enter Debian. phew. At last. I'll probably be happy re-uploading audio related packages built against the new jack.

13 Jan 2004

22:37:41 # Life Went to Yokohama Linux User's Group 'Kernel Reading Party' which is held quasi-monthly. The talk was about BitKeeper and how Kernel is handled. I met gotom there. It's nice to have a concept of changeset, that is probably something that allows synchronizing multiple CVS-like repositories; but the demonstration showed us that it's pretty slow. Committing a one-line change took about 10 minutes, and bk clone took about 10 minutes. bk pull also. Wonder what kind of machines the kernel developers are actually using.

I'm planning to be quite busy this week. Things might need to wait until weekend. I've touched a bit of pbuilder setup; and it should hopefully run.

12 Jan 2004

12:17:48 # Life I've packaged and uploaded soundtracker 0.6.7 which was just released. It was my squash-my-old-bugs day, and seem to have progressed pretty well.

20:46:12 # Life I've apparently got two-machine pbuilder setup working. I've constructed a quick-hack set up where that remote-buildd.sh calls build-agent.sh on the master node to obtain next package to try pbuilding. Quick hacks are quick hacks; but it probably is worth that quickness. I've already set up pbuilder build failure report mail system, so I am able to receive build failures as they happen. If you want to be added to the alias, please drop me a mail. It's got some noise, but might be interesting for some people.

11 Jan 2004

10:04:57 # Life Another machine from Daniel Josua Priem; I'm setting up mass-install pbuilder script there, and tring to run it. Thanks to Ganneff for helping me set up the server. It's going to output a large amount of logfiles; and it's going to need some way of presenting it. I could just go through each log with lv and file bugreports like I did in 2002, but that's not going to really scale. BTW, if you are a young aspiring hacker needing more experience in Debian packaging, it would be an interesting challenge to fix all FTBFS bugs found with pbuilder; there is no lack of it.

10 Jan 2004

11:11:53 # Life I've noticed ecawave doesn't build on unstable. I haven't noticed that happening since I've been working with newer packages and been uploading to experimental. Gah. It seems like development files for ecasound aren't installed properly, and I've backported some patches.

23:00:02 # Life I'm running pbuilder, and it's as usual, it's probably going to take around 2 weeks to get a result of a full build run. I'll need to speed things up, and I'm hacking towards something feasible and interesting to speed things up.

9 Jan 2004

08:22:27 # Life I've fixed my RSS generator date format, so it should now be okay. Yes. Yippee. Thanks to those who helped. It's just nice to be able to read diary entries of those that I've once met at Toronto, or Chicago, or New York, or wherever else... while I'm stuck in middle of Cold Winter Tokyo.

23:31:15 # Life pbuilder build daemons will revive... maybe. I don't quite know how things are arranged yet, but I've accepted a generous offer and I'm going to set up pbuilder on a remote system. This kind of arrangement hasn't been in place for the last year, so looking forward to getting pbuilder hacking more active. Thanks go to Daniel Josua Priem for the hardware.

8 Jan 2004

08:16:17 # Life Wondering why I'm not showing up on planetdebian. I've fixed the rss output a bit, but that doesn't probably make much difference...

I've noticed that all the other blogs are in the format of rss 0.96, while I'm feeding it with probably 1.0.

6 Jan 2004

23:29:43 # Today's hack Since there is planetdebian, I've hacked up an English RSS feed for my Debian hacking diary. This code is purely in elisp. Honest.

23:36:42 # Life It's useless to leave install-fail reports of pbuilder install-test. I've sent a mail to -devel about the URL which holds the install failure logs. It is here.

5 Jan 2004

06:37:45 # Life New year; autoconf AC_FUNC_MALLOC has bitten libdshconfig.

Junichi Uekawa

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