Daily blurbs Dec. 2003


daily blurbs

31 Dec 2003

00:16:29 # Life Some URLs about pbuilder-uml. User-mode-linux usage example. Notes on pbuilder. pbuilder is slow to extract tarballs, but pbuilder-uml is faster.

29 Dec 2003

09:00:13 # Life pbuilder documentation is updated, and uploaded. testsuite doesn't run due to current user-mode-linux breakage that needs to be fixed.

27 Dec 2003

12:31:12 # Life user-mode-linux was broken after dist-upgrading. Some things need more work...

20 Dec 2003

14:06:39 # Life Created an elisp for running debdiff after analysing debian/changelog

18:30:35 # Life Uploaded canna 3.7-1 to experimental. It should work, but I'm not quite confident enough to put it straight to unstable, destined for sarge.

15 Dec 2003

07:45:01 # Life A bug report about pbuilder not working told me that /dev/null is not readable. After some investigation that can be reproduced when the filesystem is mounted with nodev option. With nodev, you can create device nodes, but not access it.

14 Dec 2003

19:06:01 # Life whizzytex 1.1.3 seems to be broken in that it cannot update the correct dvi file when typing happens. It only updates the correct file when file is saved.

I noticed that I didn't set the value of MULTIPLE. It should probably be fixed this way....

That didn't help much.

After some debugging it seems like the released ADVI doesn't really support MULTIPLE? Turned it off and it seems to be working.

13 Dec 2003

08:57:55 # Life It's interesting to see that someone already had some idea of making HZ configurable. I was wondering about it for some while.

4 Dec 2003

07:04:05 # Life blogmax sounds interesting as a concept.

1 Dec 2003

06:14:57 # Life New month, new hack.

Junichi Uekawa

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