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25 Feb 2002

03:01:06 I've tracked down most of the problem in whiptail-utf8, and in version 0.50.17-9.3, I have managed to display Japanese text in ja_JP.utf-8 locale. Cool! But it proves that this program never worked before.

04:12:13 Good discussion with Manoj. Potential of using cvs-buildpackage along with pbuilder. debfoster could be used in keeping pbuilder chroot tree almost clean. It will speed up a lot.

23:10:50 Jupiter live finished successfully. It was good. It was really fun. I felt some heat.

24 Feb 2002

13:43:09 updated my debian-athlon document. It should be better now.

20:23:58 newt is now uploaded. b-f should now be workable, I hope.

22 Feb 2002

22:34:19 I uploaded eudc. I tried to upload a NMU for kissme-classpath, and I received a response from the maintainer that he shall upload a fixed version. I will start threatening bugs with NMUs. They are bugs, and they are serious policy violation. I noticed that texinfo changes behavior when the locale is set. This could be a problem.

19 Feb 2002

20:29:08 Doing: for A in *; do awk '/^$/{p=1} /^Date: / {if (p==0) {print $3 " " $4 " " $5}}' $A; done | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn in my debbugs response dir. It gives my activity. 62 debbugs mail on 13 Feb 2002. Filing bugs, or writing mail to BTS, or bugs being closed.

     62 13 Feb 2002
     45 11 Feb 2002
     36 09 Feb 2002
     29 17 Feb 2002
     29 14 Feb 2002
     27 13 Jan 2002
     25 12 Jan 2002
     22 12 Feb 2002
     20 10 Feb 2002
     19 08 Feb 2002
     17 29 Jan 2002

20:55:11 It's interesting. I was doing mass policing on shared libraries in January. I am doing much on binary-all packages. Some people simply don't seem to understand, but most are good. However, I am not very pleased about the fact that only about 1 in 20 changelogs acknowledge my patch. Changelog is the only place to note such things.

18 Feb 2002

04:51:55 Hacking some code, nano, and newt. All night, it's nearly morning.

17 Feb 2002

21:08:48 pbuilder is in development, but some bugs are there that stops it from being released. pbuilder/pdebuild, and another software that the name has not been decided yet. Maybe pbuildd, if I keep on naming things uninspirationally. I might just call the software Amie, or Katy, just to feel better. Dunno. The Debian installer is called da-katie, I think.

16 Feb 2002

21:33:34 Good. The build has finished. Completed in one week.

23:09:14 Uploaded newt-utf8. It should be enough to use as a basis of slang/newt transition.

15 Feb 2002

08:07:29 rpcgen looks interesting.

16:10:29 The build daemon has been running for a while now, and the build time is graphed. It looks like the build time is very varied. Graph for buildd. 3000 packages

13 Feb 2002

00:21:38 Updated pages about libretto. I bought a 256MB memory for Libretto L2, and I have a total of more than 300MB memory now. It's rather good.

10 Feb 2002

01:32:52 Fixing sted2 bugs. I've been trying to rebuild whole of Debian archive in i386, with binary-all, and other things. Using pbuilder, as a stress test for pbuilder. I've found quite a few bugs in pbuilder, and some fixes were done to the package. Okay, things are looking quite good now. Pretty interesting.

02:21:14 I've updated the athlon-debian page. I have been hacking on pbuilder, and it is getting on quite well. If someone really wants to get things done quickly, the quickest way would be to use a buildd. pbuilder is "not there yet". sbuild is there, with working code.

7 Feb 2002

00:32:02 I just updateed the plans. I've finally sent the paper. Things have stalled a bit, but things will continue to be better. I hope. dsh hacking is going on. I think some things need fixing. Porting to Solaris platform is one concern. There are many functions which don't exist there. It would be a headache.

3 Feb 2002

02:34:58 Really, writing too many mail, and reading too many mail is not doing too much good. It is sometimes educational to read a lot of mail, for the sheer experience of having read that much, but continuing to do so will degrade the mental health. It's rather interesting. It might be better to write some robot kind of thing to make mail processing easier. I think reading linux-kernel mailing list is not doing me any good, and having started reading debian-bugs-dist list is not any way effective to anything. It's just like a good way to know I am not doing too good. In fact, I doubt very much if do read most of the mail. I am just skimming the titles.

2 Feb 2002

02:45:52 New month is secretly proceeding.

22:13:24 I've received an abusive personal email from AKIRA TAGOH. Pretty frustrating.

1 Feb 2002

01:27:33 I've uploaded pbuilder 0.19, and debianutils NMU, to fix the typo generated from the last upload done by DanielS, in the DELAYED dir. It should work, I hope.

Junichi Uekawa

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