Diary for year 2001, January

2001 Jan 26

Nothing to say.

2001 Jan 28

Fine day, although quite cold. I guess my life is always like this. ircing until morning, it is 4am. I missed the dinstall run. I haven't finished with my mpich hacking. Everything is lagging behind. My girlfriend claims she caught a computer virus, an email one. That's too bad, but since I am far away from her, can't do anything but to talk to her on the phone. She's no geek, I think. But she is a computer science student, I guess she'll do fine.

2001 Jan 31

Joey Hess said something about whether we will ever need a xx_XX-XXX type of locale on debconf. I think Japanese would might go and see it. Having a catalogue of data in ja_JP.eucJP, there might be a terminal program which can accept utf8 (xterm would hopefully be able to do that); where the locale set would be ja_JP.utf8. Even if we do not have catalogue data in ja_JP.utf8, we can translate the text from ja_JP.eucJP with iconv. Feed the EUC data in, and give eucJP and utf8 as the conversion parameters.

I received an early gift from a girl. She gave me back by textbooks on audiology. I had enough textbooks to carry around today, but well, such is life. She is a fine girl, and I really fancy her way of life. I don't know enough but anyway. She will be going to a university far away. That sounds rather sad. I don't know. It sounds rather exciting. Not physically that far away, like out of the country, but very far away in the sense it is very inaccessible in terms of traffic. Too bad.

I'm glad the most important portion of my end-of-term examination period has passed. I now have an exam for my entrance to whatever-you-call-that-one-where-you-attend-for-a-masters-thesis.

Junichi Uekawa

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