Apt-mode for emacs


When using emacs, almost every task can be performed, but there was a lack of support for apt, the system software management tool. I found myself firing up a shell for using apt, and that seemed pretty inefficient.. There is desire to be able to conveniently use APT from emacs. To satisfy such needs an elisp implementation of a front-end to apt-get is implemented. People who just want to be able to do everything in emacs, please use this package.

Method of solution

A software system that is taking advantage of emacs better than plain command-line interface was created. However, it is still not matured, and I welcome any patches, ideas, and your impression.


It is getting more and more useful as I get used to the Emacs environment.


It is available from the download site

Apparently, there is a problem running this application with xemacs. Please use emacs21, or send a patch in :)


The program starts up with M-x apt. See the list of upgradable programs with d and upgrade the required ones with I. This program allows that kind of operation.




Junichi Uekawa

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