4 Jan 2023 (Wed)

15:28:59 # Life debcargo rust repository and some observations. It's been about a week since I first started looking at Debian rust packages and adding some packages in preparation for crosvm. Some things that don't work quite well right now yet. My local branches disappeared. I don't have access and everything is through a merge request, presumably that is not a generally supported workflow and the team members are using branches to manage pending works. ./release.sh is optimized for updates and for new packages, they only build source packages and then I need to rebuild a binary-full package for the NEW queue. Maybe I will figure out. I haven't quite gotten the right IRC client. I was using the web UI but that seemed to disconnect without any warnings, and didn't tell me even when it is disconnected, it just can't post more messages and doesn't receive messages. That's not very useful. I started using Emacs IRC (rcirc) client. Not sure how useful that is.

Junichi Uekawa