15 May 2021 (Sat)

08:57:14 # Life pomodoro timer in elisp. I put up my current configuration here if you're interested. Not that I recommend this to anybody but this is tightly integrated with my daily notes taken in markdown format, so that I have a new entry for my notes every pomodoro. I don't time my break time because my water heater takes 5 minutes to boil and that's a good enough timer for me. I tried using notifications-notify to make sound but it turned out some environments I use don't forward this correctly, maybe someone already could have done the integration with OSC9/OSC777 to make sound work but not quite sure, so I make sound via sshing to my local raspberry pi and making it trigger chrome cast commands in my room to play sound.

15:38:29 # Life Waiting for network to be up from a service on Debian. I've noticed that when I observed in journalctl that many services were starting before dhclient started running and configured DHCP. They are waiting for network-online.target, however network-online.target seems to be triggered before networking is available. After a few internet searches, ifupdown is the default network manager for Debian, and it seems like there's a specific systemd target for ifupdown. /usr/lib/systemd/system/ifupdown-wait-online.service contains that service. So, I could do this to fix the situation. Now, should this have been the default? filed a bug: 988533.

	  $ sudo systemctl enable ifupdown-wait-online.service
	  $ systemctl list-dependencies network-online.target
● ├─ifupdown-wait-online.service
● └─networking.service

Junichi Uekawa