26 Apr 2021 (Mon)

08:40:36 # Life Got a new machine Lenovo ThinkCenter M75s gen2, and installed Debian on it. I wanted to try out the ryzen CPU. I haven't used a physical x86-64 Debian desktop machine since I threw away my Athlon 64 machine (dx5150), so that's like 15 years? Since then my main devices were macbooks and virtual machines (on GCE and Sakura) and raspberry pi. I got buster installed just fine. Finding the right keystrokes after boot was challenging because the graphical UI doesn't say anything. For BIOS set up to disable secure boot (F1 to enter set up: I wanted to play with kernel) and finding the keystroke to choose the boot disk (F10 to enter the dialog; I needed to choose the one labeled USB CD drive although I put in a USB SD card reader with installer image). The installation went fine for console, but getting X up was tricky, the support for the graphics (Renoir) part of the chip was added in kernel 5.5. Bullseye was 4.19 and I wasn't too comfortable with just updating the kernel. I ended up going for dist-upgrade to Bullseye. With Bullseye default kernel 5.10, X started without problems. So far I only tried out Emacs.

08:51:40 # Life wake on lan. I have not been able to get wake on lan working. I wonder if poweroff command is powering off the system too much and losing power on the ethernet too. Do I need to suspend?

Junichi Uekawa