16 Jan 2007 (Tue)

08:53:06 # Life Notes on debootstrap, as Joey Hess puts. Debootstrap was very inspiring. There initially was knowledge about using debootstrap and creating chroots; but that was a bit crude. pbuilder was one effort which wouldn't have started without debootstrap. Debootstrap has been used in many different ways, but by centralizing debootstrap debugging and bug tracking on pbuilder, and running daily regression tests on debootstrap as pbuilder testsuite, quality is assured. I think in that sense, debootstrap changed a significant portion of Debian and the way Debian project handles quality. 6 years. Touches me. Sniff.

09:17:54 # Life To summarize qemu-system situation. I have been told that qemu-system-mips(needs cvs version), qemu-system-mipsel(needs cvs version), qemu-system-ppc(non-free video.x is not included in Debian) do not work. I am yet to be told that qemu-system-sparc doesn't work, but it apparently doesn't. qemu-system-arm, qemu, qemu-system-x86_64 seem to be the only ones that work at the moment.

Junichi Uekawa

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