3 Feb 2007 (Sat)

22:24:28 # Life Using kvm and loadvm. There is a feature in kvm, or rather qemu, that enables users to resume from a known state. I was using kvm for a while and got irritated by having to watch Windows booting. By using 'savevm' and 'loadvm' feature, it is possible to skip that step and always start from the point where you can start working. The tip here is to create a COW image from the HDD image that 'savevm' was done, so that you can re-run from the same state how ever many times you want. It feels better to be in a running Windows session within 10 seconds.

[creating the initial state]
kvm ... -hda winxp.img 

in console:
savevm winxp.state(state file)

[starting qemu]
qemu-img create -b winxp.img winxp.img-work
kvm. ... -loadvm winxp.state -hda winxp.img-work
Junichi Uekawa

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