18 Feb 2007 (Sun)

09:45:33 # Life Tokyo area debian meeting. 25th meeting was held yesterday. We did a session to compare and contrast dbs, quilt, and dpatch. Kobayashi was ill, and quilt session lacked a presentor. dbs session was presented by Iwamatsu, and I presented dpatch. quilt looks new but not much different from dpatch, dbs looks a bit old and rusty and less widely used now. The way forward looks more like integrated stg where dpatch-style stuff is more integrated into the SCM.

On a different topic, we planned session for Open Source Conference, which is held in Tokyo in March. Tokyo area Debian meeting and 'Kasouka Tomo no Kai (Friends of virtualization technologies)' will be doing a collaboration event there. Hopefully it will be fun.

09:49:19 # Life Debconf orga team meeting. It was 15 minutes past 7 am, I woke up with the sound of phone ringing. Sorry about being late.

Junichi Uekawa

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