12 Oct 2006 (Thu)

06:50:46 # Life Curry party in Ginza. There were a few Debian Developers from the U. S., canada and Italy, and I did a meeting with them at a vegetarian curry restaurant in Ginza. 11 people in total attended, with 6 people from Japan (Knok, Horms, Nori1, Iwamatsu, Daigo, dancerj). Mattia Dongili is the Debian maintainer for user-mode-linux, and I did receive patches for pbuilder user-mode-linux support; only that I didn't remember until he mentioned. Matthew Wilcox and I and few others discussed git/mercurial, and how it improved our lives. I commented that mercurial is not well-accepted because HG has a subtly different connotation in Japan. I discussed a bit about ruby with Daigo, and it soon became midnight. Thanks to all who attended for attending.

Junichi Uekawa

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