19 Mar 2006 (Sun)

09:48:57 # Life With regards to a writable powerpc linux plt. I've done some research on writable plt on powerpc, and found that it is considered a problem, and is already fixed. New ABI is presented on May 2005, and is merged to binutils, and is included in Debian binutils in sid. Interested parties may want to look at binutils:bfd/ppc_elf_select_plt_layout. However, they need glibc/gcc updates to fully function. Apparently, fedora core seems to already have that.

22:55:48 # Life Venturing into emacs-muse, a wiki engine. I've decided to take a look at emacs-muse (muse-el Debian package). I share many of JoeyH's sentiments with regards to what wiki should have. But maybe that's only an evidence that I'm an old-type. One thing I liked about emacs-wiki (which is what emacs-muse is a fork of) is that it allowed editing of wiki files from emacs, or whatever plain text editor, and allowed viewing of HTML after processing. They are just plain text, and can be controlled with version controlled systems. There was this nifty thing called elserv-wiki, which made emacs a webserver, and allowed wiki editing, but apparently, it's not available for muse yet, and thus I can't make it a fully-fledged wiki engine. I'm slowly exploring the space. Apparently, emacs-muse doesn't really work right now for Japanese PDF generation, somebody needs to hack on it. HTML output works, so no problem right now. RSS output seems to be unavailable, along with handling of ChangeLog which used to exist in emacs-wiki. Anyway, I converted tokyodebian project webpage to emacs-muse, rather than hand-crafted HTML, and I'm happy.

Junichi Uekawa

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