5 Aug 2006 (Sat)

11:15:47 # Life Big fan of sshfs. You can mount remote filesystems if ssh (sftp) works. Local commands can be used with remote filesystems. Handling too large files may cause network bandwidth problems, but it's useful. For example, Packages and Sources files, the index files for Debian packages, requires dpkg-scanpackages/dpkg-scansources to build. When the remote server isn't Debian based, it's a bit difficult to execute these commands on the remote server. Here comes sshfs. You can mount the remote filesystem, and use the commands locally.

$ mkdir remote
$ sshfs viper2:public_html/tmp/ remote
$ cd remote/20060731
$ dpkg-scanpackages . . > Packages
 ** Packages in archive but missing from override file: **

 Wrote 1 entries to output Packages file.
Junichi Uekawa

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