Daily blurbs Jul. 2020


daily blurbs

23 Jul 2020 (Thu)

08:59:27 # Life Joys of sshfs slave mode. When I want to have parts of my source tree on remote, I use sshfs slave mode, combined with emacs tramp things look very much integrated. sshfs interface only has obnoxious -o slave option which makes it talk to stdin/stdout, which needs to be connected to sftp-server from the local host. Using dpipe from vde2 seems to be a popular method to run the tool. Something like: dpipe /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server = ssh hostname sshfs :/directory/to/be/shared ~/mnt/src -o slave I wish I can limit the visibility from sftp-server but maybe that's okay.

1 Jul 2020 (Wed)

17:58:57 # Life Already July and still stuck at home.

Junichi Uekawa