Daily blurbs Feb. 2017


daily blurbs

22 Feb 2017 (Wed)

18:42:04 # Life Trying to use Termux on chromebook. I am exclusively using chromebook for my client side work. Android apps work on this device, and so does Termux. I was pondering how to make things more useful, like using Download directory integration and chrome apps, but not quite got things set up. Then I noticed that it's possible to use sshd on termux. It only accepts public key authentication, but that's enough for me. I can now use my SecureShell chrome app to connect and get things working. Android apps don't support all the keybinds but SecureShell does, which improves my life a bit.

7 Feb 2017 (Tue)

20:36:30 # Life According to annual health check my weight has not increased the last year. Hopefully that's because of going to the gym.

Junichi Uekawa