Daily blurbs Sep. 2016


daily blurbs

22 Sep 2016 (Thu)

12:04:25 # Life Tried creating a GCE control panel for myself. GCP GCE control panel takes about 20 seconds for me to load, CPU is busy loading the page. It does so many things and it's very complex. I've noticed that the API isn't that slow, so I used OAuth to let me do what I want usually; list the hosts and start/stop the instance, and list the IPs. Takes 500ms to do it instead of 20 seconds. I've put the service on AppEngine. The hardest part was figuring out how this OAuth2 dance was supposed to work, and all the python documentation I have seen were somewhat outdated and rewriting then to a workable state. document was outdated but sample code was fixed. I had to read up on vendoring and PIP and other stuff in order to get all the dependencies installed. I guess my python appengine skills are too rusty now.

4 Sep 2016 (Sun)

20:50:43 # Life Tried setting up chrome remote desktop on Debian. Lack of logging made it almost impossible but after realizing that chrome browser dumps some logs on standard output and it was waiting for me to enter password, I made progress and I can use chrome remote desktop now. Awesome.

Junichi Uekawa