Daily blurbs Mar. 2016


daily blurbs

11 Mar 2016 (Fri)

07:17:50 # Life I noticed that libfuse maintainer has changed last year. mail from new maintainer Niklaus. No change on libfuse, yet, I guess.

8 Mar 2016 (Tue)

07:40:51 # Life Wrote a cowfs in FUSE for fun. 10 and half years ago when I was writing cowdancer initially, FUSE wasn't really a viable option, but it has been something in the back of my head that it should be possible. Now I've done it I realize a lot of existing FUSE projects that claim to do similar thing.

1 Mar 2016 (Tue)

19:51:15 # Life Playing with FUSE. Am I understanding correctly that I can implement overlay file system by keeping a file descriptor to the original directory that gets mounted over and use that for openat() etc system calls.

Junichi Uekawa