Daily blurbs Jun. 2015


daily blurbs

2 Jun 2015 (Tue)

07:26:11 # Life Been writing photo viewer in nodejs. I have a raspberrypi with 3TB HDD to archive camera photo data. It's not easy to retrieve data from it. I tried running geeqie via ssh and it was slow waiting for it to repaint the display. shotwell seems to be too heavyweight. I tried running sshfs and running geeqie but it was very slow waiting for IO to complete. I tried implementing simple web service using nodejs that retrieves a day of photos, and it just crashed browser due to too much data, and the download size was huge. I tried thumbnailing and added on-demand loading, and now browser was surviving better but raspberrypi was spending seconds converting photos to thumbnails. I haven't solved my itch yet.

Junichi Uekawa