Daily blurbs Oct. 2014


daily blurbs

28 Oct 2014 (Tue)

06:49:15 # Life Running git grep under emacs compilation mode. It's driving me nuts because there's 0xfeff(BOM) at the beginning which seems to break file name matching.

22 Oct 2014 (Wed)

09:31:08 # Life Migrating my diary system to some new server. I took the chance to migrate my system from CVS-based system to Git-based system. It no longer relies on a chain of CVS commit hooks, and now I have a makefile to publish. I also took the chance to rewrite my 15 year old elisp so that I can use UTF-8 instead of a mix of ISO-2022-JP and EUC-JP. Dusting off some old code. No test exists, what could go wrong!

17 Oct 2014 (Fri)

07:20:10 # Life test.

15 Oct 2014 (Wed)

16:47:39 # Life Trying to migrate to new server and new infrastructure.

1 Oct 2014 (Wed)

10:04:59 # Life Start of fourth quarter this year. How is everything going ?

Junichi Uekawa

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