Daily blurbs Dec. 2009


daily blurbs

31 Dec 2009 (Thu)

16:03:03 # Life Shifting my life towards programming. 2009 was an year where I focused more on programming. My day job involved coding lots of code using C++ and python and SQL and other languages, and I started writing more code in general in my spare time as well.

27 Dec 2009 (Sun)

16:37:52 # Life Started working on reservation system for Debian Monthly Meeting. Since there wasn't a simple useful opensource tool to handle reservation for Monthly Debian Meeting, I have decided to get my hands dirty and create a Google App Engine app to reserve Debian Monthly Meeting. So far it has been fun.

1 Dec 2009 (Tue)

20:41:19 # Life Hack Cafe in Shibuya. I'm hacking on stuff with Maeda-san and Yoshida-san.

Junichi Uekawa

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