Daily blurbs Jul. 2008


daily blurbs

23 Jul 2008 (Wed)

14:28:23 # Life d-shlibs source code to Git. I'm migrating all code that I get my hands on to Git. Today I touched on d-shlibs, so I'm migrating that to Git today.

14 Jul 2008 (Mon)

22:23:59 # Life Looking through mail logs. After 7 days or so of spamassassin churning, I've managed to process about 20 days of e-mail and caught up to email since 5 days ago. Looking at some bugs to see if something is urgent.

13 Jul 2008 (Sun)

12:07:40 # Life Recovering data from CVS repository and creating a Git repo. I used git-cvs package to get a Git repository from an ancient CVS repository today. git-cvsimport -d :ext:aegis.netfort.gr.jp:/home/dancer/cvs -k -u -v netfort/column/libpkg-guide I'm looking forward to getting libpkg-guide as an official Debian package.

7 Jul 2008 (Mon)

21:39:58 # Life My home network connection. I've been waiting for my network connection for the past two weeks, and finally there was a notice of packet containing the ADSL router. Hopefully the ADSL router is functional, and I'll be on-line again. Until that happens, I'll be reading my e-mail on wifi in my local McDonalds. Consider this my VAC message.

6 Jul 2008 (Sun)

12:42:45 # Life Debconf ticket. Finally my schedules are fixed, I'm now looking for a ticket to EZE. It's looking less easy to get a ticket but it's still doable at this point.

Junichi Uekawa

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