Daily blurbs Jul. 2005


daily blurbs

29 Jul 2005 (Fri)

18:54:53 # Life Release management. Since it is a niku-no-hi (the day for meats), I've decided to work with freshmeat and get some of my packages registered on freshmeat. The last time I've done that is more than two years ago...

17 Jul 2005 (Sun)

01:43:46 # Life I've hacked up on dpatch today, and fixed one of the last pending tasks that I had on my to-do list. testsuite is running 11 tests, and running successfully. Things are looking fairly good. I'm prodding MH to upload the new version for me.

02:11:47 # Life I've met ecasound developer Kai Vehmanen, and discussed a great deal about Debian and audio-related development. I have been maintianing ecasound for the last 5 years and he's the upstream maintainer of ecasound. I found it interesting that he references many things in that direction. He referred to me two programs that are of interest:

16 Jul 2005 (Sat)

00:26:06 # Life Input method BOF, just outside of smökki

15:17:31 # Life Altivec talk. Summary: There is potential for improving speed of powerpc applications by using altivec, but it is underused and thus undertested under Linux. Several Projects exist to utilize altivec in Linux, and they are starting to make progress.


15 Jul 2005 (Fri)

00:03:21 # Life At Smökki, I was talking to Broonie via IRC. I wanted to meet him. He said he was also in Smökki, and I asked him to stand up. Then I noticed somebody behind me stood up. It was broonie. Heh. That's what debconf is all about, right?

01:37:05 # Life Some people get overenthusiastic when I propose some changes to shared libraries. Enough mail on debian-devel for today; I'll think more about it, the proposal obviously wasn't clear enough. duh.

16:10:11 # Life Debian women talk session.

19:16:25 # Life Hacking libc locale data, by Denis Barbier.

19:57:44 # Life debian-installer

20:50:59 # Life Marga, are we devoted to our users?

14 Jul 2005 (Thu)

03:33:57 # Life Day trip and sauna. It was a very eye-opening event for me. New experience in new part of the world.

Too little hacking done today, but who cares?

03:45:05 # Life With the new su patch, which was active in 4.0.3-36, the following command will fail.

new behavior:
ibookg4:/home/dancer# su -p dancer bash 
/bin/bash: /bin/bash: cannot execute binary file
ibookg4:/home/dancer# su -p dancer -- bash
/bin/bash: /bin/bash: cannot execute binary file

old behavior:
ibookg4:/home/dancer# su -p dancer bash
ibookg4:/home/dancer$ exit
ibookg4:/home/dancer# su -p dancer -- bash
ibookg4:/home/dancer$ exit

I know nobody reads the manpage. Just claiming that it was "Not documented", is not a good way to break things, especially if it has been this way for... somewhat 10 years? Surely a transition is necessary?

16:43:26 # Life shared library packaging BOF by myself. Some questions that were raised during the talk.

19:18:40 # Life Zen and art of Free software, by Enrico Zini

20:02:04 # Life 2 minutes silence in honour of London Bombing victims. Everyone in the room stood up for 2 minutes.

20:02:25 # Life Dannf, and others, on Debian Kernel team.

12 Jul 2005 (Tue)

00:10:12 # Life BOF talk on debconf organization. memo follows.

15:19:40 # Life Thoughts on apt with gpg support for pbuilder. If the overhead of running gpg inside the chroot is not prohibiting, an implementation might be useful to install gpg inside the chroot, and bind-mount some keyring into the chroot. This will require two things: requirement for bind-mount read-only, and apt using keyring from a directory that it will not try to write to (i.e. not /usr/share/apt/).

15:41:58 # Life Reimplementing autobuilders, by Simon Richter

16:04:14 # Life debbugs tips and tricks by Anthony Towns.

20:02:38 # Life linda by StevenK

20:48:10 # Life Securing the testing distribution, Joeyh.

11 Jul 2005 (Mon)

01:03:36 # Life I tried to debug the problem with pbuilder and su interaction: however, I couldn't get sid to debootstrap on my powerpc machine today. This is strange. aptitude doesn't seem to depend on this package.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  aptitude: Depends: libsigc++-1.2-5c102 but it is not installable
E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.

01:23:53 # Life I've tried to debug problems with 'su' and pbuilder. I'm not quite sure I've grasped the whole problem and how it affects pbuilder and how the real fix should be; but changing a behavior of a very core package because a behavior is "more correct" is rather disturbing.

15:15:02 # Life Debian Developers in Latin America, Gwolf.

16:05:04 # Life Derived distributions round-table.

and /me was busy writing testsuites for dpatch, and adding versioned symbol example to a example shared library implementation.

19:02:21 # Life wookey, on Embedded Debian

20:34:09 # Life I got hacking on dpatch testsuites. tla tells me arch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (internal error in archive-pfs.c(pfs_lock_revision)) which seems like a bad news. Apparently, this is caused whenever signing is not properly set up. Locking needs to be unlocked using lock-revision -b command. Confusing.

23:05:05 # Life Since I'm using so much of gworldclock in this side of the World, I decided to hack on l10n. After about an hour of hacking, I got it working, displaying Japanese. 317778 for POTFILES.in, 317784 for ja.po, 317790 for menu fix.

10 Jul 2005 (Sun)

16:12:31 # Life Welcome to debconf.

17:05:41 # Life Anthony Towns talks of debootstrap and Debian.

19:16:24 # Life RTFM, by Branden Robinson

20:07:09 # Life Tollef's talk on multiarch.

22:24:34 # Life To configure ssh timeout with your dsh session. The syntax of dsh (dancer's shell) command-line option is sometimes a bit confusing. The -o option may be a bit misleading. ssh itself has an -o option, to confuse matters, and make it look less beautiful. If you want to configure the SSH timeout in dsh, you can use the command-line option -o -o -o ConnectionTimeout=10. I know, the three -o look a bit silly.

9 Jul 2005 (Sat)

20:01:26 # Life On my way to Helsinki; I decided to venture into the World of shared library and how they are relocated. A correct understanding of the mechanics of the art would be required to fully excercise the features of libtool et al to provide satisfactory results, for Debian as a distribution.

8 Jul 2005 (Fri)

07:02:55 # Life su apparently has changed behavior and no longer accepts -- option. It used to take the -- option, and pass it as the command-line; but it no longer does. 317264 317361

7 Jul 2005 (Thu)

08:50:20 # Life I've received an email wrt dsh from a user. The guy pointed me to the IBM dsh manpage, and asked if a specific feature was present in IBM dsh, and why it's not in dancer's shell. Although I would very much like a good dsh in Debian, IBM's dsh is proprietary stuff, and my dsh is developed in my free time according to my needs. Things are kind of different. If you have something specific and determined to get it included in dancer's shell, you are welcome to write a patch.

4 Jul 2005 (Mon)

09:19:14 # Today's hack Hacked on dpatch, and made one more test pass. Good. There are quite a few feature requests and legitimate bug reports. Some of them sound good, some of them sound like maintenance nightmare. I discovered there was unfuzz option to dpep, but it's apparently unimplemented from the look of it. hmmm..

Make sure that I don't forget, here is a copy of my mail, requesting the new key to enter Debian Keyring.

3 Jul 2005 (Sun)

10:50:01 # Life I was discussing with gotom last night, and he said that DMA transfer bugs do exist when cache lines aren't flushed properly. This bug 277309 on xserver nv driver feels like one of those bugs, since it's forever waiting.

After refreshing some memory, I've remembered that the upstream bug tracking system does mention something similar, and the source code seems to mention something similar.

void NVSync(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn)
    NVPtr pNv = NVPTR(pScrn);


    while(READ_GET(pNv) != pNv->dmaPut);



2 Jul 2005 (Sat)

13:13:14 # Life pbuilder hacking. Since apt in experimental is now in sid, I'm kind of forced to release the new version of pbuilder. Looking for a sponsor since I'm not quite sure if my new key has entered Debian keyring. I wonder when it will, if it ever will.

On the other hand, Matt Kraai has found the problem with debootstrap 314858. This is a pleasant thing to know. a few people are reporting find | xargs rm is giving 'argument list too long' error. But that shouldn't really happen, and that needs to be pursued, as a problem on findutils.

I was a bit overloaded a few days without doing much hacking. It didn't help a bit when my travel agent called me and told me they failed to reserve the flight from Tokyo to Paris; and they needed to show me an alternative route. It so happens now that I'll be staying at Charles-de-Gaule for the first night of the trip, and my trip is longer by 1 day. Bleh.

I've fixed pbuilder to get to the point of working. It's pending 315914 fix, which is required to get debootstrap functional again. I worked around with manually adding libslang2 in /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/sid:work_out_debs(). required="$(get_debs Priority: required) libslang2"

After all this, I've got pbuilder testsuite result to look like it's passing 9/10 tests. The remaining 1/10 requires a fixed pbuilder actually installed in sid. Not bad.

[OK]   create-sid
[OK]   build-sid-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-sid-dsh
[FAIL] pdebuild-internal-sid-dsh
[OK]   execute-sid
[OK]   create-sarge
[OK]   build-sarge-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-sarge-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-internal-sarge-dsh
[OK]   execute-sarge

1 Jul 2005 (Fri)

06:31:28 # Life It's scary that it's already time to look at going to Finland. I've not been making much progress with things I would like to have been hacking on. I haven't done enough research into dpatch; I haven't yet fixed debootstrap. pbuilder is broken now that secure apt has entered sid. Hmmm..

Junichi Uekawa

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