Daily blurbs Mar. 2005


daily blurbs

27 Mar 2005 (Sun)

16:45:24 # Life To find out the scale of the problem, I extracted whole of Debian sid main distribution source. bzgrep ^Package: Sources.bz2 | sed 's/Package: //' | xargs -n1 apt-get source

It only took me 4 hours to do that task. It's a bit of a nuisance that there are too many files in one directory that usual wildcard expansion will exceed the limits of bash.

I've tried doing find on that directory. The output is here.

26 Mar 2005 (Sat)

09:01:30 # Life Being motivated by hacking gonzui, I am working towards getting a unified interface to obtaining patched Debian source code. Currently, every patching system (dpatch,cdbs,dbs) uses a different make target to unpack and patch. It would be so much easier if they get unified. Then I could fill up the remaining gaps, such as Md's packages which seem to have 'unpack' target that patches.

25 Mar 2005 (Fri)

08:22:51 # Life I finally uploaded new upstream version of whizzytex. 1.2.2, troubled me due to many changes around configuration files, and I finally tracked it down to my misconfiguration.

24 Mar 2005 (Thu)

06:42:34 # Life How do I get source code to a Debian package? is a question that arose to me when I attended FSIJ meeting last night. Satoru was talking about gonzui, his source-code searching engine, and he imported Debian sources to it. However, since glibc and gcc were DBS packages, they were just binary blobs and not meaningful ones; thus he didn't have a decent search result for definitions of functions such as pthread_create. Which is a shame.

As a first step to track this problem, I am thinking of coding something called 'd-patched-source' for obtaining the patched Debian source. As a second step I would like to make a documented debian/rules target. 'debian/rules patch' works for dpatch, but for other packages, I don't know how it should.

18 Mar 2005 (Fri)

08:12:55 # Life The things I think are on my plate. I've joined the dpatch team, since I am a heavy user of dpatch, and I have a bit of feel about how it can be used, but I didn't expect I had to learn how to use arch in order to hack it...

The following is what I think what I'm doing right now, and making a snail-pace progress.

16 Mar 2005 (Wed)

09:24:24 # Life Updated dsh. It now iterates machine list in proper order, not in reverse order. I usually use parallel execution and do not notice this, but some users do apparently use sequential execution.

14 Mar 2005 (Mon)

22:07:19 # Life I'm a bit confused by the Debconf 5 proposal writing. I thought the CFP required 500 words essay, but a 500 word essay is rejected by the system. Is it 500 characters abstract?

13 Mar 2005 (Sun)

17:49:55 # Life Today was the 2nd Tokyo area Debian-study meeting. It is the 3rd meeting of its kind in this area, and the aim is to improve general deb-pkg literacy in Tokyo area. This is a short report on what happened there.

11 Mar 2005 (Fri)

07:43:41 # Life Nice to see many Japanese developers starting to write blogs; I was the only Japanese developer on planet.debian.net for quite a while. I will hopefully be at debconf5. I will need to schedule my flight.

4 Mar 2005 (Fri)

12:50:36 # Life I've reviewed whizzytex 1.2.1 source package. I noticed that start.el is renamed to whizzy-start.el, and the source code to the documentation is removed, and in place of them, the generated files are included. Which feels rather unsatisfactory; since I have been distributing patched documentation in Debian.

Upstream (Didier) very promptly responded to my request and will be working towards a resolution of this 'problem'.

3 Mar 2005 (Thu)

10:48:06 # Life Business as usual, just a little bit more tired.

Junichi Uekawa

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